Terms & Conditions

AAI CANADA GLOBAL INC. Immigration Services

By engaging the services of AAI Canada Global Inc. (AAI Canada) for your Canadian immigration application, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

AAI Canada is committed to assessing your immigration case and providing professional support to guide you through the entire immigration process. However, please be aware that AAI Canada cannot guarantee the acceptance of your application by Immigration Canada, as the final decision lies with them.

AAI Canada collaborates with immigration consultants recognized by Immigration Canada to ensure that your case is processed and submitted in accordance with legal and governmental requirements.

AAI Canada will provide you with ongoing support throughout your application process and assign a dedicated account manager to help you understand the process and provide necessary follow-up as required.

Upon your arrival in Canada, AAI Canada will arrange transportation from the airport to your new residence.

After your arrival, AAI Canada will assist you in obtaining a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) and provide guidance to help you integrate into Canadian society and lifestyle.

AAI Canada will open a bank account in partnership with Desjardins, allowing you to receive payments and documents from your employer, as well as facilitate the payment of your annual taxes (federal and provincial), contributing to maintaining your legal status in Canada.

The registration fees paid to AAI Canada cover the services mentioned above and do not include government fees imposed by Immigration Canada. However, the registration fees you pay do not guarantee the acceptance of your application by Canada or Quebec. AAI Canada’s role is to facilitate the process.

AAI Canada cannot guarantee a positive outcome for your immigration application but is committed to utilizing all necessary means to increase your chances of foreign worker acceptance.

The registration fees for your application are non-refundable, and once the pre-interview has been conducted by an AAI Canada agent, these fees cannot be transferred for another person’s application.

You are responsible for providing all requested documents to AAI Canada in a timely manner. Failure to submit the required documents promptly may result in AAI Canada being unable to present your case to a potential employer or company.

In the event of non-compliance with your employment contract after your arrival in Canada, AAI Canada will not proceed with any replacement until you have reimbursed a sum of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) as compensation to the hiring company.

Processing times vary depending on each case, and AAI Canada cannot guarantee the exact timing of your arrival in Canada.

The presentation of your professional profile to a company or employer is based on the information you provide. If your qualifications do not meet the employer’s requirements, AAI Canada cannot guarantee that you will receive a job offer.

You must attend the employer interview at the agreed-upon time and with appropriate physical appearance and hygiene.

If you fail to attend two consecutive interviews without valid reasons, AAI Canada reserves the right to close your file without further notice or delay.

By checking the acceptance box below, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions outlined above. You authorize AAI Canada to initiate the necessary procedures for your Canadian immigration application.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that AAI Canada will make every effort to support you throughout the immigration process. However, any decision regarding your immigration application is ultimately dependent on the government, which may accept or reject it without providing explanations. Therefore, AAI Canada cannot provide any guarantees regarding the final acceptance of your immigration application.